Debt & Credit


The Comfort Level Approach to Debt

Since I’m steeped in the world of personal finance, just about everyone I know is all about getting rid of high-interest consumer debt. While there are […]

6 Steps Towards Getting Today’s Finances in Order

Most Americans have never learned the bare-bones basics of personal finance. They regard having an available balance on their credit card as the same thing as […]

How to Improve Credit Score

One of the most frustrating experiences is being turned down for a loan because of your credit score. Your ability to borrow money isn’t the only thing affected […]

Using a Secured Card to Rebuild Your Credit

Sometimes, things happen and your credit takes a hit. Whether you have made some serious mistakes, or whether you have weathered a financial emergency like a […]

Bankruptcy: Helping Many Through Tough Economic Times

For centuries, people have chosen a path out of indebtedness that brought social stigma and disgrace not only to the debtor but to his family as well. Today, […]