About Us

Welcome to “upcomingmoney.com”.
Upcomingmoney is a blog about financial and money management .

This site will be comprised of frugal tips, and financial tips that I have used or that I’m considering. I will also bring up other financial topics like 401(k)s, 529s, UTMAs, Roth IRAs, Stocks, ADRs and other financial topics that I find interesting.

This blog will help me make choices and also to think more clearly about where I want to go financially. I’ll be coming up with off-the-beaten-path ideas, that I’ll occassionally throw in the blog. I’d appreciate any feedback on the ideas and experiments I introduce. Comments are greatly appreciated, since they could potentially improve the ideas I introduce.

Now for the question “Are you a financial advisor?”, No I’m not a financial advisor. I am not advising anyone, and often time, I’ll be writing the blog contents so I can think through my money strategies. That said, for most of my ideas, I am the guinea pig! And I am my best example of a success (or failure) in the experiments I pursue or have accomplished.

Thanks, and please feel free to make suggestions!